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How to Fix Alignment Problem on Lexmark Printer?

Lexmark is a type of printer launched by American company. This printer is used for day-to-day printing need by organization, offices or homes nonstop with best printing quality and speed. Just like other companies printer the Lexmark printer can also face problem with the alignment of the page. To get resolved this issue the users can contact with the technicians available in the region.

Fix Alignment Problem on Lexmark PrinterHere you will interact with such professionals who are highly qualified and experienced in resolving the printer problems like installing, configuring, sluggish performance, paper jam concern, low printing quality, alignment problem on Lexmark printer, software related problems etc. All these problems will be fixed as per the customer’s requirement at affordable charges.

Lexmark printer alignment error can create huge problem to its users if it not resolved within the time so to remove such technical faults you are required to contact Lexmark printer professionals available in Australia who will quickly offer the best solution and let you perform the printing tasks.

Alignment is performed when characters are improperly formed or are misaligned at the left margin or vertical, straight lines are rippled. The users can only align the print cartridge after installing or after replacement of cartridge. The users who are facing such errors related to alignment they may need to go after the methods listed below. It has been illustrated by our technical experts to get resolved the Lexmark printer not aligning issue comfortably.

Hints to Fix the Lexmark Printer Alignment Problem:

The alignment problem can be fixed in two ways i.e. through printer and by computer. The whole process can be checked from below with complete instructions:

From Your Printer:

  • Firstly, the users are required to load plain paper.
  • Then need to hit on “Menu” button, and scroll down and choose the “Align Cartridges” option.
  • Hit over the “Select” tab and an alignment page prints will open and once this page prints, automatic alignment is complete.

From Your Computer:

  • To set alignment from computer, firstly load plain paper.
  • Then, open the Lexmark series utility.
  • And hit over the “Cartridges” tab and from there select the “Align Cartridges”.
  • Select on the “Continue” to print the alignment page.
  • Now, an Alignment Status dialog clicks on the OK button if automatic alignment is successful and if automatic alignment is not successful the OK button click will return to Utility Main Window.

To get the Lexmark printer not aligning issue resolved the users are free to reach at the Lexmark printer support number Australia which is active 24×7 for the support to the end-users based in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and different location of Australia. Entire problem will be solved through remote access technology.

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